Segments We Serve

ISMM is a partner and supplier of comprehensive solutions in the field of engineering production in industrial markets. The core segments that we serve are agricultural and handling machinery or automotive, however, our technologies is possible to apply in any engineering industry.

Agricultural Machinery

ISMM is a leading supplier of the most important European manufacturers of agricultural equipment. Currently, deliveries of complete assemblies and individual components to customers in the agricultural sector account for more than 70 % of ISMM’s total production. Production is focused on welding parts of agricultural machinery (e.g. Seeding tools, sprayers, soil cultivators, harvesters) usually including surface treatment and assembly into modular sub-assemblies ready for final assembly.

Our long-standing customers are for example, LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), PÖTTINGER Deutschland GmbH (Germany) and HORSCH Maschinen GmbH (Germany).


Handling Machinery

In the handling machinery segment, ISMM also supplies welded components to a number of major customers, including HMF Group A/S (Denmark), Tobroco (Netherlands) and Dautel GmbH (Germany). Production is mainly focused on parts for cranes or welded sub-assemblies for lifting equipment and currently accounts for about 25 % of ISMM’s total production.


The automotive segment focuses on the production of various types of functional units based on specific requirements from the automotive industry. Our customers include Cabinespecialist (Netherlands) and Schrader Fahrzeug GmbH (Germany).

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