Company Introduction

The modern engineering company ISMM is a leading supplier of top manufacturers of agricultural and handling equipment. From the TOP 10 European manufacturers of agricultural equipment we have been serving 5 companies for a long time.

  • 26 years on the EU market
  • 5 plants
  • 5000+ products

What We Do

The strength of ISMM is in particular the closed technological process, we are able to provide our customers with comprehensive engineering services from the design of jigs and sample production, through primary production, welding, machining of parts to powder coating including the final assembly. We export almost 100 % of our products to 10 EU countries, thanks to which we achieved 1st place in the 2019 DHL Export Award in the medium-sized company category.

A Word from the Owner

When I founded the ISMM consulting company with two other partners in 1997, I had no idea where I would end up 25 years later. As the sole owner, I built one of the largest private engineering companies in the Moravian-Silesian region from scratch.

It hasn't been easy, but I've always had a keen eye for marketing opportunities, a drive for success and a vision of what I want to achieve while always keeping my feet firmly on the ground.

Miloslav Cváček
The owner of the company

Company Development

Number of Employees

Turnover (in million EUR)

Organisational Structure

Production Plants

Jistebník 01

The production plant in the village of Jistebník (approx. 15 km from Ostrava) specializes since 2018 mainly in primary production, i.e. cutting of material by plasma, oxygen and laser, bending using CNC bending presses and subsequent preparation of parts for welding (bevelling, drilling and thread production).

The plant is located in an area of 3.5 hectares and consists of a main building (former cowshed), several materials warehouses and associated handling areas. All the buildings underwent a general renovation, the value of which amounted to EUR 1 million and further expansion of the main building to include social areas is currently occurring. At this time around 30 employees work at the plant.

This production area is also home to ISMM & TESO, which has been part of the ISMM Group since 2018 and its core product is staircases with terrazzo cladding.

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Jistebník 02

Since 2007, is this plant, historically the first plant of ISMM, located in Jistebník (about 15 km from Ostrava) and is technologically connected to the Jistebník 01 plant in terms of production processes. The 7,000 m2 facility includes three horizontal boring machines, a welding shop, a lathe, a milling machine, a thread cutter and blasting equipment.

Currently, relatively large weldments weighing up to 1000 kg are produced here, which do not proceed to the final surface treatment by painting. From a segment perspective, the Jistebník plants have become a centre for the production of components for handling technology (e.g. crane arms).

About 80 employees work in Jistebník 02 and the company’s operational purchasing department and production and technical director are also based here.

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The production plant in the village of Bravantice (approx. 10 km from Ostrava) with an area of 3,000 m2 is since 2011 the smallest plant of the company, where the production of smaller weldments of up to 80 kg including their blasting is concentrated. The parts are then transported internally to Jistebník 02 for further processing or assembly.

Approximately 30 employees work in this plant and it is interesting to note that this is the only plant where women have been working as welders for a long time, made possible by the smaller size of the components produced.

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The production plant in Štítina in the Opava region (about 20 km from Ostrava), which was acquired in 2013,  is a completely independent unit, from a technological perspective, where both primary production (material cutting by lasers, bending by CNC bending presses), drilling, welding (including robotic), as well as subsequent surface treatment by powder coating including final assembly take place.

In 2015, a modern powder coating plant was newly built on the 2 hectare site, which has three independent technologies, namely a chamber coating facility, a continuous line and a small manual spray booth with a firing furnace. Future plans include the construction of a second welding hall and a new primary production centre.

The plant currently employs about 130 employees in both technical and blue-collar positions, and in addition to production, it also houses the accounting and finance departments.

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Město Albrechtice

ISMM’s newest and largest plant is the production facility in Město Albrechtice in the Krnov region (about 70 km from Ostrava), which was acquired from Bosch Termotechnika s.r.o. in December 2021. (formerly Dakon).

The entire area of 4 hectares is made up of 15 buildings and halls structured by technological operations, i.e. primary production, (laser cutting, edging, cutting, drilling, chamfering), small and large welding shops, press shop, machining shop, powder coating shop, assembly, storage and handling areas and halls, maintenance warehouses and an administrative building with a newly opened canteen.

As far as further investments are concerned, a new powder coating facility was opened in spring 2023 and a CNC lathe was purchased.

This technologically independent plant represents a significant capacity potential for ISMM and is a prerequisite for further growth. At the moment about 80 employees work here, but within 2-3 years, depending on the development of orders, the plan is to employ up to 250 people.

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The founding of the company dates back to 27 January 1997, when Mr. Ing. Miloslav Cváček, Ph.D. came up with the idea to provide consulting services in the field of implementation of marketing and controlling for Czech companies. He founded the company with two other partners.


By establishing close cooperation with Dipl.-Volksw. Hans-Joachim Spädte (Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensberatung) based in Braunschweig (Germany) the company’s activities have been supplemented by services in the field of export and import marketing, searching for foreign trade partners, securing cooperation, building representation, etc.


Mr. Ing. Miloslav Cváček, Ph.D. becomes the sole shareholder and managing director of the company and continues to build a strong customer portfolio with exclusive concentration on foreign markets.


Change of company name from ISMM Trading & Consulting s.r.o. to ISMM Production & Business Cooperation s.r.o.


In the village of Jistebník, the first production facility was acquired to implement strategic production projects. ISMM starts up its production with five welders, which is later recognized as a turning point in the company’s history.


New headquarters in Ostrava, creation of the ISMM Office Centre with quality facilities for business and the company’s TOP management. Acquisition of new plant in Bravantice.


ISMM obtains the third and the largest production plant in Štítina near Opava. The area of 2 hectares is an excellent potential for the further development of the company.


Opening of a new powder coating plant in Štítina, the largest investment in ISMM's history to date, exceeding EUR 2 million.


Acquisition of a fourth ISMM production plant with an area of 3,5 hectares again in the village of Jistebník. The investment into reconstruction and new machines equipment reached EUR 1 million.


ISMM buys from Bosch Termotechnika s.r.o. its fifth and so far largest production plant in Město Albrechtice in the Krnov region in a transaction worth more than EUR 3 million.


Opening of a new powder coating paint shop at the ISMM production plant in Město Albrechtice. The total investment achieved almost EUR 1.5 million.



ISMM is a partner and supplier of comprehensive solutions in the field of engineering production in industrial markets. We bring our customers not only tangible value, but also a long-term quality relationship.


ISMM is a leading supplier to the top 10 agricultural equipment manufacturers in the world. The basis for this vision is a team of stable, motivated and satisfied employees.


  1. Satisfied customers and satisfied employees stay with us.
  2. Individual, flexible and proactive approach to our customers’ needs.
  3. Trust and responsibility in business and working relationships.
  4. Identification of the work team with the company’s philosophy.
  5. The company creates space for professional and personal growth.
  6. Stable, efficient and professional company management.
  7. Loyalty to the company and the owner.

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