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Quality Management

We have established a Quality Management System within our own Job-Order Manufacture production, that always follow quality and procedure requirements of our customers. This system is certified according to the quality standard EN ISO 9001: 2009 - Manufacturing and ensuring manufacture cooperation in area of engineering has been issued by TUV SUD CZECH authority and is comparable to the EN ISO 3834 (specific requirements for quality in fusion welding of metalic material). 

Moreover when desired the "Quality Management Agreement" is completed and signed individually with the customer, then is implemented in the ISMM production background and is continously controlled and even audited by our customers or by independent certification body. 

In accordance with the Quality Management System and even individually signed Quality Agreement we take complete responsibility for keeping an appropriate quality management system, we continually supervise hardware for quality control and the necessary maintenance upkeep.

The Quality Management Agreement usually includes the following points:
  • Keeping requirements for construction and design of manufactured products - that means supplied products have to meet: drawings, technical specifications and general technical standards as well as requirements, output control and its reporting, internal technical standards of ISMM customers.
  • Language - all documents (Invoices, Delivery Bills, Quality Control Report) are always written in the language mutually agreed upon (English, German).
  • Material storage - material is marked and stored appropriately so as to avoid confusion in processing.
  • Additional welding material - we use only additional welding materials (wire, etc.) authorized by the customer.
  • Manufacturing machines and equipment - we keep detailed records of all manufacturing machines and equipment in order to make regular maintenance and testing. 
  • Qualified staff for welding - we employ only welders qualified according to an required standards. 
  • Qualified staff for quality controlling. 
  • Controlling - quality controlling is always made according to the customer’s requirements, reporting is completed in the language mutually agreed upon and stored for 10 years, and is always given out to customers upon request or automatically goes along with any delivery. The customer is allowed to make production and controlling inspection and audit the Supplier’s Quality Management. Controlling and reporting includes: 
      1. input and output controlling,
      2. first sample controlling and first real product piece controlling, serial interoperable controlling, 
      3. destructive and nondestructive testing of welds (upon request), 
      4. manufacturing equipment and tooling controlling before and after production including maintenance.
  • Marking and backward identification - appropriate and explicit marking of all parts ensures backward identification in all production processes.
  • Calibration - measurement tooling and quality controlling equipment are regularly calibrated. 
  • Quality enhancing processes – if a discrepancy or a fault is identified, we find the reason and source of the discrepancy and immediately take the appropriate steps to ensure the discrepancy is not repeated. 
  • Claim processing, packaging and shipping to customer.
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Tel.: 00420-596 113 910
Fax: 00420-596 112 583

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