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Powder Coating

Powder coating facility is located in the production plant Štítina, which is currently the largest plant in the ISMM Group, with a total area of 20 000 m2. The location is about 20km west from Ostrava and Jistebník in the direction to Opava.

The powder coating facility is one of the most modern and the largest ones in the Czech Republic and was opened in 2015. ISMM gained top technologies for surface treatments which is another reason for many of ISMM customers to cooperate with our company.

Power coating facility has three independent technologies:

  1. continuous powder coating line,
  2. powder coating in chamber,
  3. small manual powder spray booth and curing oven.
Continuous Power Coating Line 
Is dedicated to serial mass-volume painted items with a maximum dimension 3500 x 1000 x 1500 mm (L x W x H), up to 100 kg/m on overhead conveyor.

  • Shot blasting : automatic.
  • Chemical pre-treatment (NANO-ceramic coating technology based on hexafluoro-zirconic acid + silane passivation) followed by drying in the dryer transit oven (110 °C).
  • Application of the primer-paint and gelation (150 °C).
  • Section of automatic powder coating electrostatically, manufacturer of WAGNER spraying equipment.
  • Chamber of controlling + manual post-spraying.
  • Transit curing oven 220 °C.
  • Hanging on and of items + quality controlling of painted items (visual) and measuring of the thickness.
  • The painted items are carried on the hinge line driven by overhead conveyor with continuous movement. 

The whole technology is designed to allow the application of primer and final layer of powder paint in one process.

Powder Coating in Chamber 
Is dedicated to large items with a maximum dimension 7000 x 3000 x 3000 mm (L x W x H), up to 3000 kg.

  • Shot blasting : manual.
  • The items are hung and put in the chamber after a thorough blasting and the creation of mechanical retention.
  • Degreasing + phosphating simultaneously, spray application at a temperature 75 - 80 °C.
  • One rinse with water + final rinse with DEMI water and drying in a drying oven (approx. 130 °C).
  • Application of powder coating in a spray booth with Wagner paint sprayer, powder particles are charged using Corona (static) or Triboelectric method.
  • Burning colors in an oven.
  • Hanging of items + quality control of painted items (visual) and measuring of the thickness.
The part of the powder coating hall is also a powder coating booth and a curing oven.
Technology is designated for powder coating of medium-sized to small parts in small series up to 80 kg.

Wagner Powder Coating Booth with Manual Application:

  • working dimension (H x W x D): 1300 mm x 1700 mm x 1000 mm,
  • powder application: either TRIBO or Corona gun.
Curing Oven:
  • interior space (H x W X D): 1550mm x 1700mm x 2700mm,
  • curing temperature between 180 °C to 220 °C.

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