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Plant Štítina

Production Plant Štítina is one of the largest sites in the ISMM group with the area of c. 20 000 m2. It is situated c. 20 km west from Ostrava in the direction to Opava. The production is specialized in heavy types of weldments.
The workplace for cutting, drilling, welding and stocking were built here. The production place is equipped with the gantry crane with the lifting capacity of 3,2 ton and with a sufficient handling space.
As for welding technologies the produciton in Štítina is on the same level as other ISMM production plants. Welding is proceeded in protective atmosphere (MIG/MAG welding units including pulse welding units - Fronius).
The part of a complex production plant is the administration building with a social settlement, which represents high-quality background for a wide developing potencial of the ISMM company.
There is also a dislocated central Technology Processing Administration equipped with appropriate IT in Stitina.

In 2015 ISMM realized the investment with the opening of a modern chamber and continuous powder-coating hall. We concurrently gained high-tech surface treatments which has opened new business opportunities for our customers to cooperate with our company. What is unique about this technology? Three basic issues: 
  1. max. dimensions of parts can be up to 3 x 3 x 7 m and weigh 3 tons, 
  2. the material-preparation technology uses powdery surface NANO technology,
  3. the whole technology is conceived that powdered painting allows to apply the basic and final layer of powder paint in one process which no assembly line can in the Czech Republic (it is more efficient than the pre-existing technology).
We are happy to confirm that first items were successfully painted in the new powder-coating hall in ISMM on 4th February 2015.
Read more: Powder Coating.

The equipment in production plant Štítina:

Welding robot KR16 L8:
  • number of axis: 6,
  • max. weight of the weldment: 1500 kg,
  • max. size of the weldment: 4500 x 2000 x 3000 mm,
  • max. reach: 2015 mm.
Welding Robot PANASONIC TL-1800 WG3
  • number of axis: 6,
  • max. weight of the weldment: 1000 kg,
  • max. reach: 1800 mm.
Fiber laser NESSAP GAMA FL 3015, 2 kW
  • max. sheet thickness: carbon steel - 12 mm, stainless - 5 mm,
  • max. sheet dimension: 3000 x 1500 mm.
Laser Fiber Cutting Machine NUKON REX 315, 4 kW
  • max. sheet thickness: carbon steel - 20 mm, stainless - 12 mm,
  • max. sheet dimension: 3000 x 1500 mm.
ERMAKSAN Speed Hydraulic Press Brake
  • bending force 60 kN,
  • bending lenght 2100 mm.
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Tel.: 00420-596 113 910
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