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Upon a business acquisition, a new ISMM production plant Jistebník 01, was created in Jistebník in March 2018 (the original ISMM plant labelled Jistebník 02 is located within 1 km). Its total size is nearly 40,000 m2 and includes handling areas, buildings, warehouses and paved roads. In the front half of this area the company ISMM & TESO s.r.o. is located, which continues with the current  product line from artificial stone teraco and stairwells of the founding company TESO Jistebník s.r.o. The other half is gradually being reconstructed to become Jistebník 01 PRIMARY PRODUCTION.

This plant will become the supplier of the primary production parts for the entire ISMM Group. The primary production should concentrate on the individual parts needed for the final welding of the weldments and subsequent subgroups and will include the most modern machinery.

The current equipment in production plant Jistebník 01:
TRUMPF L 3030, 3 kW 
  • max. thickness: carbon steel - 20 mm stainless steel - 12 mm, aluminium - 8 mm,
  • max. sheet dimension: 3000 x 1500,
  • accuracy: ± 0,1 mm.
CNC plasma / oxygen Omnicut G4000
  • thickness sheets: 30 mm (plasma), 200 mm (oxygen),
  • max. sheet dimension: 6000 x 1500 mm,
  • overhead crane up to 3,2 t.
Fiber laser Nukon Rex 315, 6 kW
  • max. thickness: carbon steel - 25 mm, stainless steel - 15 mm, aluminium - 10 mm,
  • max. sheet dimension: 3000 x 1500 mm.
ERMAKSAN Speed Hydraulic Press Brake
  • bending force: 40 kN,
  • bending lenght: 1000 mm.
Moreover, the plan is to move here two press brakes which should fully cover the needs for all bending of laser cut parts of the ISMM Group.
This new, technologically modern site should be fully operational by the end of 2019.  Construction and gradual installation of machinery are taking place at this time.

ISMM Equipment list - Jistebnik.pdf

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ISMM Production & Business Cooperation s.r.o.
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CZ-709 00 Ostrava Mariánské Hory, Czech Republic
Tel.: 00420-596 113 910
Fax: 00420-596 112 583

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