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ISMM Production & Business Cooperation s. r. o.
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ISMM & EGAS s.r.o.

In 2016 Mr. Miloslav Cváček, Ph.D. acquired the company EGAS s.r.o., with its headquarters in Pustějov, located about 30 km from Ostrava, in order to increase production capacity of welding, milling, turning and CNC machining and to expand into a new market segment of railway industry. Mr. Cváček became the owner of 2/3 of the company. The new name is ISMM & EGAS s.r.o.. Mrs. Eva Šnajdárková remains the owner of 1/3 of the company and is also the company´s managing director. The remote sites for Technological Preparation of Production & Design and for the manufacturing of welding jigs and prototypes of ISMM Production & Business Cooperation s.r.o. were set up on the premises of the company ISMM & EGAS s.r.o.

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ISMM Production & Business Cooperation s.r.o.
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Pražákova 218/7
CZ-709 00 Ostrava Mariánské Hory, Czech Republic
Tel.: 00420-596 113 910
Fax: 00420-596 112 583

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