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Agricultural machinery

ISMM introduces itself as a modular sub-supplier for top European manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Currently supplies of engineered parts or even complex units into the agricultural machines makes up more than 70 % of our production.

A prime example of ISMM production is its work for key account company Pöttinger Sättechnik GmbH (Bernburg, Germany).

The production includes welding of agricultural seed-drill machines in many types and design:
Complex chassis of seed-drill machines that involves welding of particular configurations including powder coating, assembly into complex units and complementing by hydraulic items.

Steel frames of seed-drill machines made by welding (about 50-250 kg) and other smaller weldments (about 5-50 kg) that make up complete functionality of the machine.

Another prime example of ISMM production is its work for one of the key account company LEMKEN GmbH & Co.KG (Alpen, Germany) – the biggest German manufacturer of ploughs. The production is the welding of agricultural machines for seedbed preparation. We supply completely finished machines for seedbed preparation System KORUND and KOMPAKTOR include welding job as well as asembly onto completed units and surface treatment in terms of shot basting and powder coating.

We supply welded walls and stakes and other weldments including surface treatment used to be assembled in dump trailers and balers to Norwegian company ORKEL AS (Norway), manufacturer of dump trailers, round balers and snow blowers.

We also supply especially supporting frames for agricultural field sprayers consist of welded and machined parts to Bavarian company LEEB Mechanik GmbH (Germany).

The other products, we usually supplies are e.g. frames for potato harvesters for Belgian company AVR bvba or other weldments for harvesting technic of German company MENGELE or for Danish company SAMSON AGRO.

Company Horsch GmbH (Deutschland) has become our new customer since the year 2011. We supply welded parts for seed-drill machines and soil cultivators.
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ISMM Production & Business Cooperation s.r.o.
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Pražákova 218/7
CZ-709 00 Ostrava Mariánské Hory, Czech Republic
Tel.: 00420-596 113 910
Fax: 00420-596 112 583

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