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ISMM Production & Business Cooperation s. r. o.
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The company ISMM was established on January 27th in 1997 when the former three co-founders had an idea to provide consultancy and implementation of marketing and controlling for Czech companies.

ISMM started the cooperation with company Dipl.-Volksw. Hans-Joachim Spädte (Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensberatung), located in Braunschweig, Germany. The original activity as consultancy was complemented by export and import marketing, driven by identifying of business partners from abroad for Czech companies, carrying out of cooperation, building of joint ventures etc. 

Dipl. Ing. Miloslav Cváček, Ph.D. became the sole owner and executive head of the company ISMM. 

Started business cooperation with the company Pöttinger Sätechnik GmbH (Germany) in the field of sourcing parts and subcomponents of seeding machines. 

Started business cooperation with the company Schrader Fahrzeug GmbH & Co.KG in the field of sourcing parts and subcomponents of transportation tanks. 

Produced 23.000 pcs of welded and powder coated transport steel pallets for one of the largest logistics terminals in Middle Europe ÖBB/Siemens Logistic Center in Linz (Austria). 

Produced deliveries of 5.500 pcs of welded, zinc plated, assembled transport steel pallets for transporting motorbikes for YAMAHA. Started continuous manufacturing of seeding machines TERRASEM for the company Pöttinger Sätechnik GmbH (Germany). 

Signed the contract for manufacturing 20.000 pcs of mobile powder coated steel pallets for the logistics terminal Henkel/Siemens in Vienna (Austria). 

Transformed the original name ISMM Trading and Consulting s. r. o. to ISMM Production & Business Cooperation s. r. o. 

The company ISMM took over the production plant in Jistebník (about 15 km from Ostrava city) and its area of 7.000 square meters in an aim to realize and finalize strategic manufacturing projects. 

Started a new manufacturing project for LEMKEN GmbH & Co.KG in our manufacturing plant in Jistebník (production of assembled functional sub-assemblies for the preparation of soil for sowing – System Korund). 

The production plant in Jistebník underwent a complete reconstruction and a new assembly hall was built. ISMM started new manufacturing of Pöttinger C6 seed drill machines and mass production of LEMKEN products named Kompaktor (seedbed preparation machine).New projects for companies Orkel (Norway), Mengele and LEEB (Germany), AVR bvba (Belgium). 

Massive investment in ISMM development: a new laser cutting machine, a CNC-press brake, new software for production planning were bought and the modernizing of the sampling shop and QA-Department.

New head office in Ostrava. ISMM bought a new production site in Bravantice, an automatic saw and two conventional saws.

The production plant in Bravantice was reconstructed, new changing rooms were created, new SW “planning and production management MRP I a MRP II - Inmedias". 

In 2013 ISMM purchased a new production site in Štítina (cca 20 km from Ostrava), an edge grinding machine PLUTO/ERNST,  and a pressurized shot blasting machine.

ISMM bought a CNC flame cutting machine plasma/oxygen Omnicut 4000 and a CNC press-breaking machine Baykal APHS with a safety barrier.

ISMM opened a modern powder-painting hall in our production plant in Štítina. ISMM bought the Hotel Gong**** in Štramberk (35 km from Ostrava) in order to expand the company´s commercial activities.

A new acquisition of the company EGAS s.r.o. took place in order to increase production capacity and possibilities with welding, CNC machining and to gain a new segment of railroad wagon components production. The new name of the fourth production plant is ISMM & EGAS s.r.o.. Remote sites for Technological Preparation of Production & Design and for the manufacturing of welding jigs and prototypes of ISMM Production & Business Cooperation s.r.o. were set up on the premises. A CNC vertical milling-machining centre MCV 1270 Power was purchased for ISMM & EGAS.

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ISMM Production & Business Cooperation s.r.o.
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