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ISMM Production & Business Cooperation s. r. o.
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Introduction of our company

Dear business partners,

Let me briefly introduce you to the company ISMM, with its headquarters in Ostrava, which was established in 1997.

ISMM Production & Business Cooperation s.r.o., followed up on the tradition of the original consulting activities, especially in the area of marketing management and then export marketing.
The export marketing strategy, focused on the EU countries, turned out to be a strategic direction and laid the foundation for setting the company’s expansion. Export marketing became the supporting aspect in the formation of the future business strategy of the company based on direct business cooperation with a wide range of leading companies from the EU, operating mainly within the engineering field. Gradually we managed to establish several direct and long-term business partnerships with customers primarily from Germany, Austria, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands among others and our company became their significant supplier.

Currently, the company’s product portfolio includes more than 5,000 items, starting with simple parts and continuing up to comprehensive assembled units, i.e. modular subgroups. We always strive to create high-standard partnerships with our customers based on trust, an ability to respond quickly, a constructive approach to claims and creativity in cooperation while simultaneously maintaining our generosity and humble nature. That may be the main reason we have long-term, loyal customers, who know very well that ISMM is for them the guarantee of a reasonable price, quality, trustworthiness and respectable communication.
All cooperation with international customers we strive to perform in the spirit of our mission, and that is, ISMM provides its customers not only use value, but also a quality long-term relationship, while we strive for the delivery of comprehensive solutions in the field of cooperation in the industrial market. ISMM has become a professional cooperator in the industrial market of the EU.
A guarantee of successful implementation of various manufacturing projects is primarily accomplished within our own production plants in Jistebník, Bravantice and Štítina, newly also in Pustějov, with approx. 300 employees in the ISMM Group, the administrative and management background in Ostrava and, ultimately, over the years established a suppliers’s structure. The reference list of ISMM is evidence of long-term business partnerships with various companies, mainly from the EU countries (see the section Business Reference List).
The most important investment of the company was the acquisition of a powder painting hall with a continuous line and a chamber, which started to operate in February 2015. This powder coating plant ranks among one the largest and the most modern in the Czech Republic, requiring an investment of more than 2 mil. EUR (see section Powder Coating).

In 2015, in order to broaden the activities with hotel and restaurant services, ISMM acquired the well - known hotel Gong**** in Štramberk, which is located about 35 km from Ostrava (see Hotel Gong). In 2016 ISMM acquired the company EGAS s. r. o., based in Pustějov, about 30 km from Ostrava, in order to expand its production capacity in the areas of welding, milling, turning, CNC machining, and to gain a new segment of railroad wagon components production. The new name is ISMM & EGAS s. r. o. (more in section Plant ISMM & EGAS).

At the end of 2017 the ISMM Group further expanded by adding the company TESO Jistebník, spol. s r.o., in which Mr. Ing. Miloslav Cváček, Ph.D. became the sole owner. The current company name is ISMM & TESO s.r.o. and continues with the production of a wide range of products made of terrazzo stone. An example of a particular product is the central staircase in the shopping center Nová Karolina in Ostrava (see TESO Jistebnik). By adding this company we also purchased an area of more than 3 hectares. A complete reconstruction of the second half of the site started in April, creating a new location for the primary production with a gradual move of laser and plasma cutting machines and bending presses. Since May 2018 we are using here a new laser fiber cutting machine Nukon Rex 315, 6kW. The Jistebník names have now also been changed, the new site being called Jistebník 01 PRIMARY PRODUCTION and the existing site called Jistebník 02

We would like our clients to perceive ISMM as stated in our company motto:

Ing. Miloslav Cváček, Ph.D.  
Owner & Managing Director 
Ing. Miloslav Cváček, Ph.D.
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ISMM Production & Business Cooperation s.r.o.
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